Thursday, 24 July 2014


A survey was taken  on the advantages and the disadvantages of the company’s training program that were offered to the employees that work there. The questionnaire that was created for the survey conducted had a number of questions, which let the employees open up about their feelings on the training program conducted.
Initially, most of the employees who were given the questionnaire, felt reluctant to fill in their own thoughts about the training program, as they felt that they would get into trouble with the top management if they entered what they felt about the programs. But, after we confirmed to them that the results of the questionnaire would not be disclosed to others in the company, they reluctantly agreed and entered their views about the training program.
Even though the final material that we got in the end, was not completely accurate, we could see that many had said what they really feel.
Following this page, is a detailed view of pie charts and inferences which will allow one to decipher what each employee feels about the training programs held by the company.  

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